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This specialist bowel clinic provides rapid and high quality care for patients with a wide range of colorectal diseases. The consultants are all based within Worcestershire and specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and management of colorectal diseases.

The principle aim of the colorectal clinic is to provide the majority of patients with a 'one-stop' fast track service. Patients undergo an initial consultation, a telescopic examination of the lower bowel and treatment of the main problem within a few hours.

Patients with the following symptoms and diseases may benefit from a referral:

What treatments are available?

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

To ensure accurate diagnosis under optimal conditions, usually with sedation, but this can be offered on an individual basis.

Local Treatment to Haemorrhoids/Fissures

Usually performed at the same time as the flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Treatment/Assessment of Polyps/Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

If significant pathology is encountered, polyps will be removed and examined histopathologically. Advice will then be givenfor future management.

Other specialist services include upper and lower GI endoscopy, virtual colonoscopy, MRI and CT scanning, ano-rectal physiology, laproscopic surgery, nutritional therapy and biofeedback.

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